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Ready to INTENTIONALLY grow your Business and Relationship?

This May, Elicia and James Crook are returning with their most intimate and exclusive event to help you create success, harmony and fulfilment in life through your business and relationship.

The "Intentional Couples Doing Business" retreat is an extraordinary adventure into what makes people and businesses tick... 
and how to connect the dots so that life flows and you can experience more clarity, unity and strength.
Details of our next "Intentional Couples Doing Business" retreat event

Date: 1-3 May 2020
Time: 10:30 am start on Fri 1st May – 4:00 pm finish on Sun 3rd May
Venue: "Lancemore Macedon Ranges" – amazing venue includes all meals and accom
Price: Early Bird investment $3700 per couple (payment plans available)

If you've ever been:

  • Resentful of the time you or your partner spend in the business
  • Feeling frustrated because your business takes a LOT more time and energy than you expected
  • Wasting time waiting for "that" miracle job, person, or stroke of luck to save the day
  • ​Losing sleep wondering if you've chosen the right business, partner or path in life
  • Unsupported by your partner, like all you ever get is complaints when you don't meet their expectations
Then you could use a reset and a strategy for how to turn things around.

Most people in this situation know they want to live differently, and they know achieving the fulfilment they are dreaming about doesn't happen by accident...

But they also know that with commitment and a bit of guts, extraordinary results can be achieved by people who get on the same page to create a plan that makes everything fit together.

So what's this all about?

Our commitment is to help improve the business success, relationships and personal fulfilment of people who are just like us – or just like we were.

We're a couple who married young and each ran our own separate small business – honestly not knowing what we were getting ourselves into (in either case!)

There was a LOT of learning and our fair share of mistakes along the way.

But by being INTENTIONAL with what we wanted to create, we have been able to learn from our experiences and craft the actions we needed to take to achieve what we wanted to in each part of our lives.

This meant we were able to sell both our original businesses and start a new (even better) one TOGETHER... at the same time as deepening our relationship and raising two healthy, confident and not-very-obnoxious children 😍

Event Details

In simple terms, over the 3 days of this event you will come to...

🙏 ALIGN your Goals and Actions in business and relationship...

💰 SOLVE some of your Money challenges...

⏱️ FREE UP more Time for yourselves and your business...

🤝 AND go through a specific calibration process to ensure you are BOTH on the same page with your commitments...

SO THAT you can create more success, flow and fulfilment in your life. ❤️❤️

To achieve all of this we will go on a journey together, in a safe and supported environment, with a group of “like-minded and like-souled” business people.

We will show you how easy this process can be using the "Intentional Fulfilment Framework" to develop:
  • ​Clear business steps so you can make more profits, release your time, lower stress and free some time for your relationship
  • ​A deeper understanding of your partner (and a deeper feeling for you of being understood by them)
  • ​A plan for the difference you want to make in the world and the legacy you want to leave in your business
  • ​A schedule that allows you to work “smarter” not harder and leaves you time for your partner, your children, the gym... and doing the things you want to do
  • Clarity around roles and expectations within your business and relationship so that outcomes are achieved without any tension
  • Strategies for creating love and connection so that your relationship can remain rock-solid no matter what life throws at you
  • ​A blueprint for running your business with less of your personal time and energy... and more profit
  • Confidence around how you structure work, relationship, family and life to increase your sense of success and fulfilment
Fully Booked Without Burnout
Together, Elicia and James Crook are business coaches, trainers, authors and mentors to hundreds of small business owners.

Married since 2000, Elicia and James have built an intentional relationship and family while running 3 separate businesses.

At this retreat they will share the secrets to having a "Fulfilling, Functional and Fun" business, relationship and life.
Fully Booked Without Burnout
Elicia Crook is a business coach and mentor, sharing the tactics she used to create her business success over 16 years.

Elicia grew her massage business from where she started – working on family and friends in her lounge room – to at one point having a clinic with nine staff and doing 100+ treatments per week across the team.

Elicia is a Diploma qualified remedial massage therapist as well as using modalities such as Bowen and Craniosacral, and has a Cert IV in Workplace Training and Assessment which she used while teaching massage for several years.

Through her career and business experience (and by making many mistakes along the way!) Elicia discovered what really works and who she needed to be in order to run a successful massage business. Now she takes this blueprint to her clients to build more success and passion.
Fully Booked Without Burnout
Fully Booked Without Burnout
Retreat Attendees
James Crook is a business coach, best-selling author and national presenter on business growth and marketing.

Before moving into his current role as a business coach and marketing trainer, James ran a boutique design and marketing agency for 13 years working with hundreds of small businesses every year (plus a few large businesses and government agencies).

This incredible breadth of experience is backed by a range of formal education including a Degree in Journalism, an Adv Dip in Electronic Design, a Cert IV in Workplace Training and Assessment and various other professional development courses covering business, marketing and coaching.

James now brings this marketing and business knowledge to small business owners to help them achieve more in their business.

A HR mistake cost them $6000 but the learnings left them more profitable than ever... and their relationship even stronger

This retreat is being held at beautiful "Lancemore Macedon Ranges", set within a picturesque vineyard and includes all accommodation and dining.

This is within only 50 mins from Melbourne CBD and 45 mins from Melbourne Airport.

The perfect place to experience the potential of yourself, your business and your relationship.

Mya grew her earnings by 6X

Already grown by 15 clients per week

Lisa found a tribe and grew her business

Income has gone "through the roof"

Christine now runs workshops and an online course

"To get it all in one place is amazing"


Moving from FIFO to running a business together: HOW Scott and Norelle can now say "We're happier than we've ever been"

Ready to INTENTIONALLY grow your Business and Relationship?
Are you excited by the opportunity for you and your partner to be trained and supported by Elicia and James Crook and a dedicated team of like-minded people from May 1st - 3rd?

If you are ready, I suggest you register quickly as we are limited to 6 "early bird" couples only and we can't guarantee how quickly they'll book out.

UPDATE: only 2 Early Bird spots left!

Here's what to do next:

Enter your details below to register for this event. We'll be in touch shortly to connect with you and give you all the details.

If you are ready to go BUT need to ask a few questions first, message us here via our business page and we'll line up a call to make sure you have all your questions answered.

Speak soon!

Elicia and James Crook
Business Coaches and Mentors
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